30m Clear Span Polygon Tent for Sports

The 30m clear span polygon tent for sports from Liri Tent has no poles inside. It is more spacious than other pole tents, frame tents, or steel tent designs. This structure helps you make a place ideal for high-class events, especially for limited places.

The 30m clear span polygon tent with a plain grey PVC roof cover for sports is of modular structure design; the length can be increased and decreased by 5m bay distance. the warranty: 10 years for aluminum frame and 3 years for PVC fabric. But the life span of aluminum can be 20 years, the PVC can be 8-10 years.

As you can imagine, a 30m clear span event tent for sports is not a very large size. But it can still be used as a spatial extension for smaller stadiums. For example, when the main pavilion is used for a sporting event, the temporary tent can be used as a sports room, equipment storage, media center, office, etc.

clear span polygon tent

Here is the technical data for your reference, and just as we mentioned above, our tents are modular structure designs. So we can enlarge and diminish the tents based on your requirements.


Optional Accessories

  • Covers: colorful cover, transparent cover, inflatable roof cover.
  • Windows: dome or square clear PVC windows, mesh window, glass window for glass wall.
  • Wooden Flooring System: VIP cassette flooring, simple cassette flooring.
  • Doors: double-wing glass door, single-wing glass door, glass fire door, aluminum door, rolling shutter(automatic or manual).
  • Wall: soft PVC fabric wall, glass wall, ABS hard wall, sandwich panel wall, steel plate wall.
  • Fixing Methods: ground anchors, weight plate, expandable bolts.
  • Rain Gutters: inner roof beam rain gutter or rain gutter between two similar tents.

accessories of polygon tent

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