30M Arcum Roof Tent For New Party

No matter outside party or a private garden party, our 30M Arcum Roof Tent will be a good option for you. Especially, popularly used for 200 people small parties. Arcum roof tent is an update for the A-shape tent with an elegant arch roof.

Our Arcum Roof Tent is made of aluminum framework and steel connections. The size of the tent can be customized. Big Arcum tent can accommodate 500 people. With full accessories, it can be used as a functional event center.

This is the technical data for 30m Arcum Roof Tent with 6m side height:

Accessories for Arcum Roof Tent

  1. Flooring system
  2. Rain gutter
  3. A glass wall with glass door/ABS wall with glass door
  4. PVC fabric sidewalls with clear windows
  5. Lighting system
  6. Air Condition system

It is easy to set up. The mainframe structure can be assembled within 1 day. There is no pole inside, 100% space available. If you do not need it anymore, we can do the recycling. Price is attractive, if you have any needs, please feel free to contact us.

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