Storage Marquee Tents Rental

The storage marquee is gradually replacing the traditional concrete warehouse. As a temporary structure, it is available in a variety of styles. It can be modified according to different needs to achieve the effect desired by the customer. Next, we give you an overview of the materials used for event marquee tents and the process of renting a marquee tent.

Selection Of Materials For Marquees

The plasticity of the marquee frame is very high. Large storage marquees, using a high-strength aluminum alloy frame, have a long service life and are the most used marquee tent structures at present. Smaller sliding canopies can be used as rain shelters or temporary warehouses. Folding canopies, which can be used as sun shelters, occupy a small area and are convenient for storage, with wheels added to the bottom for easy transfer.

The curtain around the marquee can be made of a very wide range of materials. Different materials have better results, for example, solid curtain walls. It can achieve the effect of a blackout panel. The storage marquee has a long life span of 8 to 10 years.

  • ABS hardboard. Use of light-proof material, easy to dismantle, and cheap cost.
  • PVC fibre cloth. Available in white, or translucent squares, this match is more stylish.
  • Glass curtain. Made up of an aluminium frame and glass, used in shops and other business premises.

The Business Process Of Marquee For Rental

1、Determine the nature of the use of the marquee. The exhibition, storage, wedding, or other functional canopies.
2、Confirm the use cycle.
3、Confirm the demand area of the marquee tent and the choice of materials.
4、Finally draw up the price to determine the contract.

Once the marquee tent frame material has been produced, it will be commissioned and installed on-site to confirm appearance and details. If there are no modifications required, only then will the subsequent production tasks take place. Finally, the logistics process takes place and the logistics department will contact the truck driver for delivery.

After all the processes have been completed, our work is roughly finished. Of course, if an erection is required, we will arrange for professional workers to install it on-site.

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