Party Tents for Weddings and Birthdays

If you are planning to host a large wedding, banquet, barbeque or other event where a large number of individuals may be in attendance then it is important to have suitable accommodations. Often it is not possible to host such large scale events indoors and factors such as weather and other conditions have to be taken into account. This is the situation where party tents are a great choice. These very versatile tents can come readymade and customized to suit many outdoor events. They may also come in many adaptable sizes and colors and be suitable for many conditions. The use of the party tent is not restricted by any means to only the once in a while use but can be seen in use in many hotels, clubs and resorts as fixtures.


The cost of party tents varies mainly according to the size and they are more commonly rented rather than owned. The field of renting these tents has therefore become a very popular and lucrative one lately. These tents have the advantage of providing a look that is both classic and inviting. They are normally guaranteed against all types of weather conditions such as both rain and sunshine. The only downfall of some of these tents is that they may be susceptible to wind so it is normally advisable to get a tent with a heavy material if the weather conditions are anticipated to be windy.


The party tents available today are very modern structures that may come with very appealing interiors that are fashionable as well as they may have additional features such as air conditioning for the summer and heating for the winter months. There are generally two broad categories for party tents. These are the pole tent and the frame tent. The pole tent is basically a pole that is covered with a canvas. The frame tent has a large aluminum frame or steel structure that supports the cloth without the need for any support in the middle of the tent.


The party tents available are quite simple to install and normally when rented this includes installation. Before deciding on a tent however several things should be taken into consideration. The occasion being planned is important as this makes a difference in deciding whether a tent with a lot of fancy accessories will be necessary. If the occasion is smaller then the use of a tent that is less fancy will be appropriate. The size of the tent required should also be considered as well as if the tent is going to be used for the view as well as shade as options such as a canopy tent are available. The use of the tent is important as if space is an issue pole tents can be avoided in preference to frame tents that do not have the pole in the middle. There are also many accessories available to the tent renter and these must also be considered and include items such as lighting.


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