Event Tent for Beautiful Countryside Wedding

Event Tent for Beautiful Countryside Wedding 

In modern life, all the wedding events will be held in the hotel and not make big differences. Have you want your wedding to be special and unique. If so, an event tent from Liri Tent company can help to make your wedding beautiful as you can place your wedding event anywhere you like, such as the countryside, beach, garden, etc.

The wedding party for the above photo is one of our cases for clients from South Africa. It is an aluminum frame structure with a transparent roof cover and sidewall. It looks beautiful at night and all the guests can enjoy the wedding under the sky. This tent is 20m span width and 40m length, which can be accommodated 600 to 800 people. Thanks to the modular design of our tent, any size can be customized upon your requirements.

Besides, Liri Tent is a professional wedding party and has accessories like tables & chairs, interior decoration linings & curtains, an air conditioner, etc. We will provide you the whole package for your wedding.

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