Event Marquee – An Alternative Wedding Venue

Choosing a event marquee for your wedding reception can be an inspired affair. A marquee allows you choices and freedoms that would be limited by choosing a normal wedding reception venue. With a marquee you can choose to have your wedding anyplace anytime. You will also have the freedom to choose your decor, caterers, and to express your individuality and personal style for the event.
There a very different types of marquees to choose from. Perhaps a marquee with silk lined walls, hard polished floors and fairy lights scattered throughout would suit your style. For that soft romantic feel you could choose a marquee or tent with no side walls and have draped silk flowing in the breeze, on a beautifully manicured lawn or on the beach at sunset.
Another type of marquee you could to choose is an event pavilion. Event Pavilions are more stable structures and would be better suited for certain weather condition. They are definitely the premium option when it comes to marquees. Event pavilions come in a wide range of options. A completely clear pavilion would be beautiful and allow you to view the stars during you special evening. You could choose side walls which are solid for privacy or clear for a little sunlight and to view to beautiful location of your wedding or event.
When it comes to decorating your marquee or event pavilion, stick to classic white or ivory for the draping. Perhaps you can choose a trim that matches your colour theme or the bridesmaid’s dresses. Round tables still work best in a wedding marquee, as they are the most social table arrangement. They facilitate a more social atmosphere amongst the guests. Lighting in the marquee could vary from fairy lights, spot lights to candle light. Candle light is the most natural, soft and romantic light. Another option for lighting is lanterns with can add a touch a flare to your wedding or chandeliers which could hang from your marquee to make for a more elegant and sophisticated event.
For the perfect table centerpiece, take into consideration your surrounding and remember simple is best. When it comes to candelabras for your table centerpiece, you may want to consider the height and size. Marquees come in varied sizes and shapes to suit the number of guests you wish to have, type of entertainment and floor plan.
By choosing a wedding marquee
wedding marquee

you are only limited by your own imagination. So whether you choose a wedding marquee or an event pavilion, your wedding day can be a truly romantic occasion.


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