Big Tent

Exhibitions, large events, and conferences have a huge demand for temporary space. To solve this problem, we can provide large event tents with spans of 20m to 80m. You can customize the text size according to 3m or 5m intervals. Our customers are very satisfied with this type of frame modular event tent. Thanks to its interior, which does not require any load-bearing pillars, the space can be used 100%.


We offer a wide range of tent types and services that you can admire. We cover almost all types of tent shapes, such as round, polygon, curved, minaret, spreader, air film, double, triple, combination, etc. We provide you with services related to site model drawings, site planning, shipping, installation, maintenance, dismantling, rental, and item rental. We provide fast and efficient tent installation in many site models and complete follow-up services with the highest standards.


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