30x15m Arch Top Double Decker Tent 2 Floor Marquee for Golfing Event

In the field of double-decker innovation, Liri Tent keeps moving and recently we design a second level that can be freely erected in each of our event tents. But in addition, a complete upper story can also be erected inside the two-story type of tent construction. Suitable for use as a balcony or as a stand-alone gallery, according to individual wishes.

Puerto Rico Open Pga Tour 01

Our two-story tents also make a good figure as an observation platform or balcony at major events. Particularly for VIPs and hospitality, for sporting events, and many other events.

2 story Arcum tent
Arcum Double-Decker Tent

Many floor plan shapes are possible, whereby the upper floor remains optionally variable. With appropriate inside and outside staircases, individual access stairways are also possible.

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